Forward thinking Executive Search with

a global reach

Why OneMD Executive

Truly Differentiated

OneMD Executive is a specialised Executive Search firm dedicated to the Life Sciences industry.


We have engaged some of the most tenured Executives in MedTech to be part of our Executive Assessment panel


Combined; we have over 30 years of Medical Device and Executive Search experience in both local and international markets


We strive to get to know you, your team and your organization which helps establish a greater understanding of your needs


Our extensive networks span across Australia, New Zealand, the U.S and the UK


We don’t just want to understand them, we want to be part of your Mission, Vision, Values and Strategy

Our Services

Onboarding Support

We understand the importance of ensuring your new hires come prepared with the knowledge that will ensure they start their tenures strongly.

We minimise the learning curve by offering onboarding support for Executives for their first 100 days through a structured process designed to fast-track their introduction to a new organisation.

Coaching and Development

The process of becoming an Executive leader is never finished.

We help to ensure your senior team’s capabilities are constantly growing by offering executive coaching and development services to Executives to build on their leadership skills, and promote the kind of forward-thinking mindset that will propel your business forward.

Talent and Market Mapping

Spending time mapping out potential talent pools can save time and money. It can also result in improving the likelihood of a good hire through a better candidate fit, thereby improving retention.

Market mapping is not just about active candidates for an open role; we are able to provide maps for succession planning, your next generation of inspiring leaders, or to address specific skills gaps within your organisation.


We offer recruitment advisory services to help clients define their optimum structures and recruitment needs for the medium to longer term future.

This involves a member of our leadership team spending time within your organisation to truly understand the challenges faced when attracting top talent.

Our Process

Step 1: Establish Project Requirements

Face to Face Meeting

Job Specification

Understanding your Culture, Values and Strategy

Establish Timeframes and Budget

Define Success

Step 2: Research and Talent Pooling

Develop Research Strategy

OneMD Research Team

Engage Local & Global Community Network

Identify Diverse Talent

Provision of Longlist

Step 3: Candidate Identification

Career History & Achievements

Resume Analysis

Face to Face Interview Screening

Reference Interviews

Capability-based Assessment Scoring

Comprehensive Report

Step 4: Short List Presentation

Comprehensive Report Presentation

Candidate Interviews Arranged

Define Final Interview Process

Step 5: Interviews

Face To Face Interviews


Personal Strengths


Key Motivators

Detailed Feedback To Clients

Step 6: Behavioural Assessment

Psychometric Testing

Personality Profiling

Professional & Character References

Final Recommendation

Offer Negotiation

Candidate Acceptance

Close The Loop

Step 7: Executive Onboarding

Engage Onboarding Team

Ongoing Leadership Development

Executive Networking

Post Placement Care Program