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"I’ll just say to anyone reading this, forget using the ‘big five’ or global recruiting agencies. If you really want top notch local candidates, use OneMD."


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Project Background
Number of staff hired through OneMD: Total = 7
1 National Sales Manager (NSM)
4 Business Development Manager (BDM)
2 Customer Care Manager (CCM)

Number of years worked with OneMD:
Approximately 1 year since first introduced to OneMD but the actual ‘live’ recruitment took only a few
months. Incredible!

The Opportunity

How did you first get in contact or hear about OneMD?
Frankly I can’t even remember. May have been through a LinkedIn connection but what matters is what happened once we started to progress with the roles.

What role/s were you looking to fill at the time:
Initial contact was only for one Strategic Account Manager (SAM) role. However from a strategic perspective, the company decided that a stronger commitment to the ANZ market was needed so after a 6 month internal evaluation period, we moved forward to hire a full team led by the National Sales Manager.

How would you describe these early engagements:
Very professional and supportive of our long-term business strategy. I know that it’s always frustrating for an agency to invest time and resources to move in one direction only to have a strategic decision put the brakes on everything. That means effort spent = no revenue. OneMD was always focused on the long-term outcome and in support of our company vision. I really appreciated this as when I was able to come back to them with a solid hiring plan, they were willing, and able to execute quickly. This was a very smart strategy by OneMD as a single SAM role turned into 7 roles, so their patience paid off for everyone.

How did this grow into a longer term partnership?
Pretty much what I said above. We maintained contact, I was able to communicate short and long term goals and when the time came to execute, they did it in record time.

The Process

Talk me through OneMD’s process when procuring talent for a role:
Very simple and straightforward. First to understand our company’s strategic vision, not just for the ANZ market but globally as well. They wanted to understand who we were as a company, a product, and offering, so that they would be able to not only locate appropriate talent but to be able to ’sell’ the opportunity to the candidates when needed. Of course then they provided a shortlist, a very strong shortlist may I add, of candidates. I appreciated that they really chose a limited number of strong candidates instead of sending the ‘kitchen sink’ to see what I may be interested in. They were able to truly consult as to why the candidates were right for the role. It was a very easy and painless process. They saved me time and stress that is for sure!

What stands out here against other recruiters;
Speed. Market knowledge. Candidate knowledge. Ability to understand our needs. I’ll just say to anyone reading this, forget using the ‘big five’ or global recruiting agencies just to cover your rear in case the candidate doesn’t work out. If you really want top notch local candidates, then use OneMD. They have a stable of industry experts in house that are well connected to top candidates and they are much, much easier to work with than the global agencies.

Chat me through the quality of candidates they put forward:
Pretty much mentioned above, but frankly all candidates for all roles were very strong. Not just the NSM, but all BDM candidates and CCM candidates were very well suited to the roles and were eventually hired. I had a very, very tight timeline to put the full team together. In fact, my message to senior management was that the timeline was not even possible so we best have a back up plan in place. I was proved very wrong due to the excellent work and candidate availability through OneMD. I’m sure that had I been working with another agency, I would not have closed out the full team in 3 months. Incredible work!

What are the value-adds they provide outside standard recruitment services:
Market intel where possible. I’d say just the fact that they have former industry experts in-house allows them to understand market trends in the space and also be aware of anything on the horizon both locally and globally that could affect the team and strategy.

The Result
Do staff sourced by OneMD stand out when starting a new role, either due to levels of preparation or anything else?
The entire team was able to hit the ground running. This was true for not only the very experienced and capable NSM, but for the entire team.

How have they helped shape your wider staffing strategy:
Too early to tell but there is already discussion about additional hires.

Why would you continue to use OneMD;
Because they perform. As mentioned above, if you want to build your Medical Device business quickly and with outstanding results, don’t think about going anywhere else. Don’t waste your time hiring two or three contingency agencies in the hope that one of them will send you a good candidate here and there. Don’t worry about ‘protecting’ your ass by hiring one of the large global retained firms, just hire OneMD and get moving on putting your top talent team in place. David and the team really made me look good. Thanks for all your hard work.